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Mounting & Balancing

When ordering a wheel and tire package, you get free mounting and balancing, which saves you both time and money. And to make sure the set you get is reliable , we've got state-of-the-art mounting and balancing equipment.

• Balancing under pressure simulates road conditions while driving

• Great for curing or eliminating possible vehicle disturbances

• Best way to balance low profile assemblies

• limiting possible pull or drift issues

• Better for overall handling and performance

• Identifies areas of defect in tires that regular spin balancing will not

• Truer balance provides longer lifespan

• Great on Large diameter wheels

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The Benefits Our Services Provide

The Benefits Our Services Provide | GarageAndFab.com | Munro Industries
The Benefits Our Services Provide | GarageAndFab.com | Munro Industries

FAQ About Wheel & Tire Packages

What Is Included?

A wheel and tire package includes free mounting and road force balancing using corrosion-resistant lead-free zinc balancing weights, and a wheel installation kit, which is comprised of lug nuts or bolts according to application, and hub centric rings, if applicable. We suggest adding the optional security wheel locks to your package, to protect your investment from theft, and if your vehicle is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), we recommend that you purchase the optional TPMS sensors, which we will install during mounting at no extra charge. With new TPMS sensors in place, your wheels and tires will arrive ready to install and you’ll be assured of continued effective tire pressure monitoring.

How Do We Ship Wheel & Tire Packages?

We ship in packaging certified by Canada Post, UPS & major transport carriers, to ensure your wheels and tires are in perfect condition when they arrive at your door. Your purchase is protected during shipment by sandwiching each wheel and tire assembly between thick sheets of cardboard that are cut to the approximate diameter of the tire. A layer of foam is placed between the cardboard and the wheel face to protect the finish, then the cardboard is secured to the tire using heavy-duty plastic wrapping. Each enclosed wheel and tire assembly is then completely wrapped in heavy-duty shipping plastic.

How Do I Install My Wheel & Tire Package?

To install your wheels and tires you will need the appropriate size socket for the lug nuts or bolts, a breaker bar, a torque wrench, a jack and jack stands. Break the lug nuts or bolts loose with the socket and breaker bar, then raise the vehicle with the jack and safely support it on the jack stands. Remove the lugs/bolts and old wheels and tires. Install the hub centric rings, if supplied, and the new wheels and tires. Some tires are directional and must be installed with the arrow on the sidewall in the direction of rotation. Start the new lug nuts/bolts by hand and snug them. Lower the vehicle and, using the torque wrench, tighten the lug nuts/bolts in several steps, in a crisscross pattern, with the final step to the factory torque specification. Torque specs can be found in your owner’s manual. The lug nuts or bolts on new wheels should be re-torqued after the first 25-50 miles. If you don’t have the tools, equipment or confidence to properly install your wheels and tires, then we recommend professional installation.

Do You Have Any Shipping Restrictions?

We ship anywhere in the Canada & The United States as well as any country serviced by UPS International.  The only restriction is that we cannot ship a complete wheel and tire package to an APO address because of the size and weight restrictions through the United States Postal Service. We can however, ship wheels, or any wheel accessory individually, to an APO or FPO. Additional shipping charges may apply.

How long does the delivery take?

It takes approximately two weeks to mount and balance your wheels and tires and have them ready to be shipped to you.

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